When the guitar is played well it can create the most fantastic sounds and tones and captivate even the most musical unaware audiences. The tone of the guitar depends on a number of things, the quality and ability of the person playing the guitar, the types of wood and the manufacturing process that went into the creation of the guitar and of course, perhaps one of the easiest ways to influence the tone of the guitar, the guitar strings that are used and how old/worn they are.

Depending on the guitar you use, you will either have steel strings or nylon strings and this refers to the inside of the string, the core of the string. Most strings will also be ‘wound’, meaning they have perhaps a bronze coating wound around the core of the string. It’s very important that you are familiar with the type of guitar strings you have for your guitar, so you ensure you purchase the correct kind.

All players looking to learn to play the guitar will need to replace their strings. This article will look at changing guitar strings on steel strings, nylon strings and electric guitar strings (also steel). We will look at it step by step to provide a guide for how to do it.

Steel Strings

Nylon Strings

Electric Guitar Strings

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