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My name is Chris Bailey, I’m 30 years old, and I am a guitar teacher living in Parkstone, Dorset. I have played guitar for around 15 years and I have taught guitar to all ages and skill level for 7 years now. I have performed in various bands over the years, but I am now the founding member, guitarist, songwriter and harmony singer of Kadia, a contemporary folk band performing on the circuit currently and playing multiple festivals this summer, including Purbeck Folk Festival and Wimborne Folk festival.

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I was asked by one of my students to put up a bit of a biography, to help you guys understand a little bit about me as a person, I thought it was a great idea as it may help you decide whether or not to choose me as your teacher.

However when I started writing it, I felt it was coming across more like a dating advert. So I scratched my head a little bit, thinking about how to write it and I remembered some questions I have been asked over the years, about all kinds of random things, and I figured I would share that with you instead:

Choose 4 records, 3 films, 2 books and 1 personal item to have if you were stranded on a desert island:

Incubus ‘Make yourself’
Foo Fighters ‘Foo Fighters’,
Lumineers ‘Lumineers’
Tommy Emmanuel ‘Endless Road’

Shawshank Redemption,
Fight Club,
Wolf of Wall Street

The Bible because there are plenty of stories to read, i’ve avoided it my whole life, so i’d start now.
Finally I would choose facebook. Is that allowed?!

My acoustic guitar, clearly

What place would you visit if you could be teleported there for one day to visit. Where?

Las Vegas – I have a bit of a passion for poker plus it’s hot and they have some great golf courses. I would also love to see the grand canyon.

If God does exist, what would you say to him come judgement day?

Why did you create mosquitoes [*slap*] you idiot!

Imagine, you’re on death row, with only a week to go before your number’s up. What crime did you commit?

I accidentally planned, hunted down and murdered a traffic warden…, multiple traffic wardens…, all the traffic wardens in Dorset actually…., by accident though.

On death row, what would your last meal be, if you could choose it?

Roast dinner, potatoes, stuffing, veggies, yorkshires maybe, so all the trimmings and home made lemon drizzle cake, nice bottle of wine, a cigar, glass of port and some cheese and crackers, maybe a whiskey. Then for my main course, I’d have…..

Ok, and your epitaph?

“I’d hate to die twice, it’s so boring” (quoting Richard Feynman)

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