Group Guitar Lessons

This page advertises group guitar lessons to residents of Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding areas. We look at some of the benefits of group sessions and compare those to one to one private sessions.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are the most affordable way to learn to play the guitar and are also extremely fun, so beginners benefit from an entertaining, semi-social group environment! At group classes, you will have the chance to play along with several different people and make new friends.

Group lessons are an excellent introduction to guitar tuition for all music types. You probably should take group sessions before you take private lessons. The cost-benefit ratio for private tuition is much more favorable after you have the basics under your belt.

Advantages of group lessons:

  • Less expensive than individual ones – starting from as little as £9 per 30 minute group session
  • They are good for socialising with other Bournemouth & Poole locals
  • They allow you to learn from others in the group

Disadvantages of group lessons:

  • Less personalised attention from your tutor
  • Different skill levels from other players can be off-putting
  • It can be difficult to learn at your pace

Private Lessons

Private tuition is necessary if you are serious about wanting to improve yourself as a guitarist, one who wants to reach the next level. Through private lessons the teacher has the ability to use the time in a more specific way, building each individual attribute necessary to master the guitar.

These lessons are a great way to master a technique, because the teacher has more time to go into details. If you want to get good enough to perform, private lessons are a necessity. The lessons will move at the right pace for your needs, and you can learn exactly what you want.

Advantages of private lessons:

Personalised one on one time
Pace of the lesson is customized to you
You will make much faster progress
Easier to schedule the lessons in

Disadvantages of private lessons:

More expensive


So there are benefits and drawbacks to both types of guitar tuition. The perfect solution would be to combine both types of tuition together to let you take the benefits from both sides. I recommend trying both types of guitar lesson.

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